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Company Trucks, Technical Parameters and Condition

All our trucks are made in 2021 and are equipped with  following characteristics:

1) Air Ride system

2) Exclusive Landing gear system

3) GPS Trackers

4) Garmin 5-th Generation (GPS System)

5) CB Radio (Cobra 29 Pro)

Internal dimension of the box:

- height: 91 inch

- width: 90 inch

- length: 169 inch

Box floor level (for dock purposes): 40-46 inch

Box floor level is regulated by Air Ride system.

Special warning - inside of the truck box following loading modes are acceptable ONLY:

- load by worker/person

- any type of pallet jack

- electrical fork lift only


- Forklifts with over 1500 lbs weight are NOT allowed inside the empty or loaded box.

- NO gas-engine forklift is allowed inside the box by NO means!!!

Statistics and Customers

Throughout our one year experience we have covered the distance of over 100K miles within continental US throughout 49 states.

Our company is cooperating with clientele that includes large corporations as well as small business and private sector or individual customers. Detailed list of our customers include Tesla...


Welcome to our webpage.

First of all let me introduce ourselves. We are a family who moved to the United States from a country - Georgia in 2020. Georgia is a beautiful country located on the Black Sea coast ...

From the day we first arrived in the US I started working in different companies and acquired enough experience for creating and establishing our own company that will provide flexible and professional shipment and forwarding services to our clientele.

Our company is striving to achieve the level of service that will provide our customers fastest and comfortable shipment deliveries within continental US (excluding HI as we do not own aircraft yet). Our company is highly oriented on customer satisfaction and needs.

Contact us for any further inquiries you might have and our associates will be glad to assist you.

Updates about our company are always available on this website.

Looking forward to our mutual collaboration.

Giorgi Kiziria

CEO, General Director

This space is not for sale. It is for exchange purposes only for interested companies.

This space is not for sale. It is for exchange purposes only for interested companies.

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